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About me

Hello and Welcome.. My name is Gaz ( Garry ) and I've been actively Gambling for about 5 yrs or more, with Various Online casinos, Bookmakers and bets with friends etc..Well I've always been interested in Gambling and although im not a computer genius I decided to combine my love of gambling with my new found interest in computers and set about building myself a website, Which by reading this you are basking in the glorious spendlour of its layout design and colours

The main idea behind this site is to give you information on safe secure online casinos. There are thousands of online casinos out there and thousands of dodgy good for nothign con merchant casinos, that will refuse to payout your winnings or will refuse to help you with queries and problems you face in your day to day gambling experience. Basically there are a whole lotta bad casinos out there who dont play by the rules and are just out to rip you off and take all your money without a blink of an eye.

This is where i come in to provide informtion on casinos that are trusted , respected and play by the rules of fair play, after all why would you ? or anyone else want to play at a casino that doesnt appreciate your custom,. has no interest in keeping you happy and does everything it can to screw you over of your hard earned money.

The answer quite simply is there is no point. You should always play at trusted casinos. wether they are from this site or another well deserving good samaritan like me :o) who's giving honest impartial information. There are many many casinos out there that offer fantastic bonuses like $100000 FREE or 1000% cash match just to get you through the door ,because they know and rely upon their rigged software, which is rigged so you cant possibly win. I mean no matter how many small bets u win or lose and how much you bet in order to cover other bets you can NOT win. I repeat YOU CAN NOT WIN. These casinos are no better than a mugger in the street. They have no morals and will do anything they can to get your money. and in all cases are best avoided forever.

But how will i know if a casino is trust worthy or not ?, i hear you cry. Well quite simply thats where i come in. All the casinos on this site are highly recomended due to their unprecidented fairness, trustworthyness and fair play. The top casinos are regulated by various independent casino comissions, probably the biggest being Price water house cooper. Which regularly tests its casinos on a monthly basis, by computer software running millions of bets on the casinos servers and calculating a random percentage payout. That is it means its been tested and that for every 100% amount placed with the casino in bets, a certain percentage % is payed back to the punters in winnings.

If you are new to the whole casino world and are unsure of what to do you can always e-mail me and i will point you in the right direction of a casino that will look after you, or if theres certain things you are looking for i will try my best to help.

Well thats a little about me and how things stand, I hope you like my site and feel free to e-mail me and pass on your thoughts or ideas etc and I wish you all the Luck in the world with your Online Gambling entertainment. So take a look around pick a casino or 2 and most of all have fun !!

After all Gambling is for fun and Entertainment so enjoy it :o) .. and GOOD LUCK !!

A very good casino for beginners, which is one of my favourites is William Hill casino I oftern play here for their blackjack table and their cheap buy in tournaments, all players are well looked after and their casino software and game play is second to non. It really is a nice friendly casino.

Play now at the William Hill Casino

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