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Firstly, Hello and welcome to :o) . So your looking into gambling online, more than likely if your reading this its your first time gambling, or first time thinking of gambling. Well sit back relax and let me help take some of that natural fear away .

For a first time online gambler, everything can be pretty daunting and nerve racking, from a mild form of anxiety to extreme fear and sweats. Trust me I understand, I've been there !.

Right what do you do ?, Well the first thing first is to establish what kind of player you are, what is your purpose at the casino, Are you there to try and make money ? Earn a living ? or just a bit of fun. Well I can tell you now , you can forget the first 2. Online gambling is intended and should be used purely for fun and entertainment.

Despite what people say and claim your never going to get rich from playing online casinos, unless your extremely lucky and hit one of the many progressive jackpots on one of the many progressive slot machines, which would be a fantastic stroke of luck.

But realistically how many people are going to do that. Theres a general rule when gambling, Never bet more than you can afford to lose.. which means only bet money you can afford to lose never more. It's a good idea to set your self a limit, say 50 - $50 and stick to that limit, no matter how tempted you are to deposit more. Some casino will allow you to set limits on the amount you can deposit in any 24 hrs , or the amount you can bet per round, to help you manage your money, so you don't over spend and lose next months electricity money, you wont thank yourselfthe next day I can guarantee that.

Getting started

To start with you need to chose a casino All the casinos on this site have been chosen , because they represent good, honest ,trustworthyness ( is that a word ) and fair play! Click here to see how we rate our casinos and why they are in our review

Once you've chosen a casino, the first thing you will need to do is Download the software. This process is very easy and simple, and casinos make sure its easy by giving you step by step instructions on how to do this.

Pick the casino you want, click the link provided which will open the casinos homepage, where you should see a big clear button sometimes flashing saying "Download" "Click here" or "Download now" , click the button which will open an instillation box, and automatically start the download process, You may see a grey or black box asking you to confirm the download and asking you to either, "open" or save to "harddrive", click open or "run" and your casino will begin the installation process, which depending on your internet connection, can take anything from 5 minutes upto 2hrs for a full Casino Download, but don't worry about this process, as every casino is the same and its worth it once you've downloaded it. Your best bet is to click the download and then go do something constructive to take your mind of it, while the process is in progress.

Please Note: Some casinos also offer Non Download casinos, but don't have the full content of a download casino, although they are very good, your limited to the number of games you can play and in some circumstances you may not get the full experience of the casino.

Once the Download is complete you will be asked to install and create a link to your desktop, which I recommend for easy access, I must have atleast 7 - 8 casinos on my desktop at any one time, from Littlewoods, Ladbrokes William Hilland InterCasino etc . Theres nothing to stop you downloading one or two casinos or every casino on this site and opening an account and taking advantage of all the new player bonuses, until you find a casino that your completely happy with, you can always [Bookmark us] for future reference. Never feel you have to stay at a perticular casino, for any reason, feel free to move around and play where you feel comfortable. I use different casinos for different things, ie I like the Blackjack tournaments at William Hill and I like a certain slot machine at Ladbrokes casino, called the snake charmer.. You just have to make sure your enjoying your gaming experience. After all you have the power as you are risking your money!

After download you will then be asked to register your details , standard stuff like name address, telephone number etc etc. plus you will be asked to choose a username and password, Your username will be the name used inside the casino, it will be the name in which all other players will identify you as inside the casino, so choose it carefully

You will also notice that you have 2 options of play, ( real money ) and ( practise mode ), I strongly recommend that being a first time player , you should play in practise mode for as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable with how the casino works, how the games are played and familiarising yourself with the way betting , payouts and loses work, before you play for real money. It also gives you an excellent insight into how the casino looks and plays. As the practise mode is exactly the same as for real money but without the risk of real money losses,

After the download and registration, the only thing left to do is register your method of payment, and deposit some money, i.e creditcard, debitcard, neteller or which other form of online money transfer or depositing method, that the casino accepts, All Depositing methods, and allowances are stated in the casinos "more info" "full review" page on this site along with sign up bonus's and other various information

So you have your casino downloaded, your details registered, your username and password chosen, your form of payment / Deposit sorted out, all you need to do is choose an amount to play with, deposit it and hit the table of your choice, wether it be poker, blackjack, Roulette or slots, I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you take the casino to the



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