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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is online Gambling ?

Online gambling is the latest form of wagering money for a set risk, to increase your money by set odds.

2) What do i do, How do i get started ?

To begin with you need to decide which games you would like to try out. You can gamble on almost anything from horse racing , motor racing, the weather, the super bowl or whats becoming more and more popular wagering at online casinos. Also check our Beginners guide for a more indepth guide on getting started !

3) What games can i play ?

Games range from Roulette, Blackjack, to video poker and casino slot machines. Some onlince casinos also offer Keno and onlince scratch cards, and many many casinos offer Huge Progressive jackpots anything upto 1,000,000 +, such as major millions.

4) what are the benefits at playing at online casinos ?

For a start if your from the UK, you have to register with a casino 24 hrs before you may enter the establishment and wager any money, which poses a problem if you want to play on spur of the moment.. Online gambling also offers many bonuses, such as sign up cash match bonuses, monthly match bonuses and online tournaments, which are great fun and regular casinos do not offer, They are also open 24 hrs a day severn days aweek, so you can gamble just as easy at 3:00 in the afternoon as you can at 3:00 in the morning, whichever suits you, Plus you have the added bonus of wagering in your own home, at your own pace free from outside pressures from the casinos, croupiers and other players.

5) How can i tell if a casino is safe to play ?

Unfortunatly not all onlince casinos are safe, There are various governing bodies out there setting precidents for online gambling, but on the whole there isnt much regulation or proscecution of unscrupilous gambling sites, which is where i / me and this site come to your rescue. I have tried tested and gambled won and lost at all the casinos on this site.. The idea of my site is to give a totally independet review of each casino and to tell you the potential punter, how safe these sites are to play at. Infact I will not have any unsrupulous gaming sites on my site in any form.. Only the very best and most trusted online casinos and bookmakers will ever appear on my site , and thats a Gaurantee !

6) How can i tell if a casino is trustworthy with what they claim ?

All casinos on this site are independently audited by various Auditers such as Price waterhouse coopers. Which means they are independent from the casinos and test the casinos random number generator with high tech computer software generating anything from 1,000,000 ( 1 million ) to 300,000,000 ( 300 million ) different bets, and give the casino a percentage payout average. As you may of noticed on this site alread I give the independetly audited percentage payout for each casino. with the higest percentage being the better. As a general rule anything over 96% is excellent, and anything under wouldnt appear on my site. So you may rest easy these casinos are vigorously tested on a regular monthly basis.

7) How old do i have to be to Gambe ?

Im not up on every country, but as a general rule. You must be over 18 , especially in Europe and the UK, USA varies slightly and you may need to be 21 or over to wager money on or ofline, In the united states it can even be State specific, so I advise all potential gamblers to check with there local state law or country law before placing a bet. Unless your from the UK 18 + is the legal age for gambling.

feel free to Contact me on anything you may wish to know, and if i can answer it i will be happy to help

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